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AgentaHub Benefits

Review and Automate your Medicare Sales Pipeline

Increase efficiency and leverage end-to-end operations on a secure platform that helps you do more with less. Find out why so many agents love AgentaHub.

Elderly couple talking to an insurance agent
Elderly couple talking to an insurance agent

Featured Benefits

Application UI combining all parts of the workflow

Centralized Workflow

No need for countless spreadsheets, connecting various systems, and misplaced information around customers and their plans. AgentaHub brings everything together into one platform making it easy to track deals from start to finish.

Woman having a virtual meeting

Modern CRM

A simple and scalable platform carefully crafted and designed by agents for agents. Leverage industry best practices and start out the gate with a powerful system designed specifically for Medicare solutions. From contacts to referral partners to customers, everything is organized.

Contact card UI

Reclaim Brain Power

Re-invest time for things that matter – Are you tired of manually looking up physicians, networks, and prescriptions across multiple systems. Use smart, productive workflows that automate repeatable process consistently, saving countless hours from week to week.

Insurance agent presenting on a mobile device to an elderly couple

Accountability + Transparency

Manage the health of your business and report results with a customized dashboard along with key performance analytics for actionable insights. All actions within the system provide you with transparency while keeping a daily pulse on your operations.

Before AgentaHub

Information Everywhere

After various agent interviews, we discovered that many of them spend a lot of time trying to get organized and have information spread out across various spreadsheets.


Various agents don’t have a customer relationship management platform in place to organize all of their contacts across prospects, customers, and referral partners.

Tedious Process

In order to recommend the best Medicare Plans, there are various tedious manual steps that require lookups for providers and drugs. This takes a lot of time for each plan before its sold.

No Reporting

Many agents don’t have the time or experience to create standard performance metrics that can be tracked to understand the health of their business. Therefore making plans to grow difficult.

After AgentaHub

Power of Automation

Recommending Medicare plans has never been faster, easier or more accurate. Our system connects with industry standard APIs that help you recommend the best plans.

Super Organized

Super Organized - Everything is organized in one simple place. Quick powerful searches, and clean Kanban or card views across all stages of operations, enables you track actions for your deals.

Simple CRM

Manage your sales pipeline like never before. Our system has built in best practices for process designed by leading agents in the space. Workflows across all contacts is now possible.

Dashboards and Reporting

Our intuitive agent dashboard provides a macro level view across all operations. And reporting and metrics to track your sales is automatically built-in for your convenience.

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