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One centralized hub to help you gain powerful insights.

Woman working from her home office
Woman working from her home office

One Source

Imagine a Centralized Hub that provides one source of truth for all your Medicare Customers and Prospects.

From an influx of new leads, to collecting basic information to prepare plan recommendations, to organizing tasks so you can keep your pipeline moving towards more closed deals, AgentaHub has you covered.

How it Works

Step 1 Importing your customer information

We have an import feature that allows you to bring in all your contact records. Whether you want to upload a few or a bunch of records, our CRM system makes it easy for you to build a visual pipeline.

Client card UI

Step 2 Keep track of all your relationships

Experience a clear macro-level view that is organized across prospects, customers, and referral partners. We provide a Kanban or Card view that easily lists out all contacts. Your pipeline is now set and you can easily track sales across simple stages.

Kanban board UI

Step 3 Collect Customer Information and Recommend Plans

Collecting details to prepare and recommend Medicare Plans has never been easier. We provide state-of-the-art secure web forms and aggregate data points to match the best plans based on individual Doctor and Prescription needs for each of your customers. *

Plan analysis result card UI

Step 4 Maintain a healthy numbers view of your business through our best practice reporting and key performance metrics

Our system generates these reports for you on autopilot, saving you additional time and energy.

Report card UI
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Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights through Industry Best Practices

Lead pipeline UI

Stage 1 = Lead In

All pipelines start with a general lead in, meaning a prospect that is interested in learning about and reviewing Medicare plans.

Stage 2 = Form Pending

Once your prospects connect with you, you can move them to stage 2 where you begin the process of collecting important information from your customer, including their needs for Doctors and Prescriptions.

Stage 3 = Analysis

In this stage, you have received all details from your prospect and you are preparing the best Medicare plan suggestions in order to present findings.

Stage 4 = Proposal

This is where you have completed the analysis stage and you meet with your prospect to review Medicare plan options. Adjustments and minor tweaks to any plans can be considered.

Stage 5 = Close

The final stage is where you track wins and losses. By marking your pipeline deals won or closed, our platform keeps track of closing rates and earnings which are easily reviewed through the dashboard and reporting.

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