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About AgentaHub

Optimizing your Medicare Sales Pipeline

Man speaking on a loud speaker on his mobile
Man speaking on a loud speaker on his mobile
Pipeline tracking UI

We help you unlock productivity to a brand new level

Track all of your Medicare sales opportunities within one central hub.

We developed an agent-driven smart platform that helps Medicare Agents organize their pipeline, prioritize interactions, and streamlines operational process to sell more plans in less time.

If everyone has the right tools to do their job, they can maximize the benefits and achieve work-life balance which we believe in.

Our History & Story

David Adams Founder

AgentaHub was founded in May of 2021 by David Adams, a leading sales agent in the Medicare space who was experiencing frustration with manual process, lack of automation tools, and the dream of achieving more through innovation and smarts.

His needs were that of any agent: Improving process, keeping track of what matters, and re-investing into the business while having flexibility to spend more time with his family and friends.

Built with a passion to help all other agents while optimizing his own agency, Simply Senior Solutions, AgentaHub was born. While the platform is new, it is designed and crafted by agents for agents with an intense passion for continuing to innovate in the Medicare space.

We look forward to growing and continuing to hear great stories from all the agents leveraging and enjoying our platform.

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Begin your journey

Get organized and control your pipeline with built-in smart features that can optimize results for your business.

Manage everything from one centralized hub, and forget about your spreadsheet headaches and trying to create business metrics. We’ve got you covered as we understand the Medicare space and have carefully crafted our platform based on best practices as a true convenience.

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Sign up today to start transforming your business. AgentaHub deliver features that help you close new business faster and leaving you with more time to engage with customers.

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